Off-SeasonBody Composition Series

This is not a ‘weight loss’ group. This is not a crash, restrictive diet course. This is a four week educational series to teach you the safe ways to gradually change your body composition in the off-season. This course will help you identify your own personal habits that are getting in the way of your goals. This group will teach you the importance – the when, The what, the why, the how – of balanced meals & snacks consistently throughout the day. We are not focused on restriction but instead focused on what we can add, augment, and change to refine our nutrition habits and behaviors in the off-season.

This course requires a commitment from you to come in with an open mind, do some work on your own time at home, and tune in to on-demand weekly education sessions. Once you’ve completed the 4 week program, if you need more 1-on-1 questions answered, you will have the opportunity to set up a call with me. 

What’s Included:

  • Four (4) emails sent weekly with links to videos
  • Four (4) educational videos, totaling over 2 hours, taught by Meghann
  • A Nutrition Tracker to use during the course – and anytime after if you wish.
  • Recipe & meal ideas + nutrition tips
  • Access to class slides for each week
  • Priority for a One-Time Consultation if you’d like to discuss your individual needs with Meghann ($125/30 min)

Series Breakdown:

Week 1: Finding your optimal body composition + Performance + Setting realistic goals (35 minutes)

Week 2: Macronutrients + Balancing meals & snacks (47 minutes)

Week 3: Habits for your healthiest body composition (35 minutes)

Week 4: Weight changes + Moving forward (30 minutes)

How It Works:

Shortly after completing your purchase, you will receive an email from Featherstone Nutrition with a link to the Week 1 video + a document to use as a tracker throughout the course.

You will then receive weekly emails for Weeks 2-4, containing the links to the videos. Slides will also be provided underneath each week’s video.

Please add [email protected] to your email contacts. You will be receiving weekly emails from this email. If you have gmail, you can drag and drop Featherstone Nutrition into your primary folder, if it’s not already there. All emails from Featherstone Nutrition will then go to your primary email tab.


When completing your purchase, please keep “subscribe to newsletter” checked. This will give permission for the emails to be sent to you. You will create a login during checkout if you haven’t done so already- you will need to be logged into our site to access the videos.

Price: $250