As runners, we are well aware that hydration needs increase during hot & humid months. But, let’s not forget that hydration continues to be important during the cooler months! Adequate fluid & electrolyte levels help us to run our best & recover our best. For more information on hydration needs, check out our hydration page. We also suggest testing your sweat rate in cooler months, since our sweat rate can vary drastically with changes in the weather. Read our tips for hydration during the cooler months below!

5 tips for improving nutrition in the cooler months:

  • Start your day with 16oz of fluid. Good options include water, coffee, tea or Vitamin Water Energy.
  • Drink a big glass of water with all 3 meals.
  • Add a Power-C Vitamin Water to your afternoon snack. Vitamin C + Zinc support immunity during cold & flu season.
  • Continue to carry fluids on runs > 60 minutes.
  • Restock glycogen stores post-run or workout with Vitamin Water, or other sports drink, as part of your meal.