It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of graham crackers for pre-run fuel. Some have dubbed me as the Graham Queen, and I will happily take that title. Day in & day out, that’s my choice. I wake up most days at 4am, drink my coffee & eat my grahams, then I’m out the door for an early morning run. I have always preferred Honey Maid grahams, but you all were wondering what the best graham out there was. So, I set out on a quest to find the BEST grahams. What could be a better way to do that than to have a blind taste test with grahams aka The Graham Slam!

I ordered 10 different types of grahams, some I had tried, and some that I had not. I ordered several blindfolds from Amazon <ok, maybe far too many, but they were hilarious!> I was shooed off to another room, while my trusty sidekick numbered the bottom of each box & got the the grahams all ready.

One by one, I tasted the grahams. There were several that I enjoyed and would gladly eat again. Some were so-so and lacked flavor. Lastly, there were a couple that I would not choose to ever taste again. Watch this Reel below to see the Graham Slam in action.

I excluded Pamela’s & Trader Joe’s from my list because those aren’t “true” grahams to me. The texture of Pamela’s wasn’t very graham-like, and Trader Joe’s was more like a cookie <although, pretty tasty>. Here’s my list in order of preference from the blind taste test, starting with my least favorite:

8. Kellogg’s – didn’t taste like anything

7. Benton’s (Aldi) – love Aldi, don’t love their grahams

6. Annie’s – didn’t care for the flavor

5. Happy Belly (Amazon) – ok but bland

4. Market District (Target) – pretty good, would buy these again

3. Nabisco – tasty! I would eat these as a backup.

2. Honey Maid Fresh Stacks – a little different than the regular kind but very good

1. Honey Maid – my favorite is indeed my favorite, even while blindfolded!

Next, we wanted to see if I REALLY knew my favorite grahams from the competitors. We did a few side-by-side, blindfolded taste tests. <See the video below> I was a little thrown by the last one <wait for it>, but at the end of the day, I know my Honey Maids!

Most grahams out there, including the grahams I tested, have a very similar macronutrient composition. However, it’s important to note that two of these grahams stood out. The first being Trader Joe’s – they were more like a cookie, and I am not surprised to see some added fat in there. Second, the gluten-free Pamela’s. One-serving of these may sit just fine, but if you double them up as pre-run fuel for a long run, that fat content might cause some GI distress. Definitely something to consider!

Winner, Winner!

Honey Maid Grahams

We want to know! What do you want Meghann to blind taste test next?