I get asked all the time what products I use for fuel, hydration, and anything else related to nutrition & running.  Well, I’m here to make it easy for you! Below are the products that are my favorites – that is not to say that others aren’t awesome, too, as there are soooo many great options out there. If you want to try my favorites, go for it! But, as always, do what works best for you and your fueling needs. All of my favorites are linked on our Recommended Products page, along with many client favorites, too. If you need help figuring out your fueling, reach out for help!

Sports Fuel

I have been a guinea pig for allll the sports fuel. I started many years ago with chews and have tried several gels. Now, my go-to is Maurten 100 and Maurten Caff 100 for marathons, half marathons, or any other road races. For my 70.3, I also took Skratch Super High Carb (FKA Superfuel) on the bike and thought it was a fantastic (and easy) option to get lots of carbs in.


It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Skratch products. Not only do their products provide the electrolytes & some carbs that we need to stay hydrated, but they also taste delicious. Skratch Sports Hydration & Clear Hydration are always on hand at my house. I regularly carry Skratch Sports Hydration in my handheld for all long runs & races. I like Skratch Clear Hydration for some extra daily hydration, and I also added it to my water bottle with Skratch Super High Carb on the bike in my 70.3 for some extra electrolytes. The neat thing about Skratch Clear is it can be concentrated in your bottle to provide more sodium and carbs – without GI upset.

If you are a heavy or salty sweater <like me!> high sodium products are a must. Skratch Hyperhydration, Liquid IV and LMNT are all great options to keep you feeling your best during warmer weather. I generally recommend taking Skratch Hyperhydration the night before a race, for those heavy/salty sweaters who need it. Liquid IV is another option for that time, or you can also drink it pre-run or post-run to rehydrate.

What good is having the right hydration products if you don’t have the right handheld to bring along on your run? I have tried tons of different water bottles, and my favorite is the Amphipod 20 oz. handheld. It doesn’t leak and fits nicely in your hand. There is also an option to include a zipper on the sleeve, which is nice for storing gels or hydration products.

Last, but not least, my favorite toy to help with hydration is the hDrop wearable hydration monitor. Wear this guy on a run, and it will tell you your sweat rate, sweat composition, and other stats. My clients and I have found this product extremely helpful to estimate our hydration needs, so we can make sure we are nailing our hydration for our runs & recovery. For more info on hydration, check out my Hydration page.


Speaking of recovery, I have a lot of recipes to nail recovery on the website, like my favorite EBTB Egg Sandwich but I also like to use Momentous unflavored or vanilla whey protein on busy mornings to get recovery started. My favorite Shower Shake recovery drink is vanilla Momentous whey protein, Skratch Recovery horchata, and almond milk or water.

Some more of my favorite recovery products are Omega 3, Vitamin D, Tart Cherry juice and Vital Proteins collagen. <Read more about recovery here.>

When my calves are cranky, my GoSleeves really save the day and keep me running. They also make knee, elbow, and ankle sleeves. I wear these calf sleeves on all my easy runs and they have been a game changer in my recovery.

It takes a lot of planning and trial & error to find the products that work best for you. Play around with it! The best products are the ones that you will actually use. If you need figuring out your race day fueling or hydration, please reach out for a consult!